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  1. The True Meaning of Photography

    If you thought that this photography thing was only about having fun, clicking away and maybe making some money, then you’re right. But you’re also VERY wrong. Yes, I have fun. Yes, I love clicking away. Yes, I pay my bills, take care of my family and save a little…

  2. Every woman loves……….

    Every woman loves………..a good picture of herself.  Women all over the world understand that value of a good portrait. Don’t believe me? Just go to a restaurant and watch a group of girlfriends hanging out. If the gals are anything like mine, we will laugh hysterically over and over again.…

  3. The Beauty of Black and White Photography | Atlanta Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Photos by Pru

    Photography is an art. Every era has a trend which changes over time. Black and white photography has been a constant. Removing color forces you to embrace the emotion of the moment. Timeless photography of people who love each other Wedding day black and white images Many people refer to…

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