Every woman loves……….

Every woman loves………..a good picture of herself. 

Women all over the world understand that value of a good portrait. Don’t believe me? Just go to a restaurant and watch a group of girlfriends hanging out. If the gals are anything like mine, we will laugh hysterically over and over again. We will talk about all kinds of silly stuff and we will ALWAYS stop before the night is over to take a picture, even if it’s just one. 

Women love to take pictures of themselves and of each other. 

Still, doubt me? Just hang out on Facebook and check out all the self-portraits that the women have, then check out how many the men have. Sidenote: We need to talk to men. I struggle to get my husband/son/father/brothers to give me even 5 minutes in front of the camera. They’re cute, handsome and make me happy. A good photograph of my favorite guy(s) – together or alone – would be priceless.

So, why do women love taking pictures?

Must capture the pretty.
Women love to feel pretty, at work, at play, at church, wherever. We like knowing that our hair is on point. Our shoes are fierce and our outfit is to-die-for. Being well put together can make a good day better and make a bad day not so bad. For most of us, getting pretty takes work. It ain’t easy. So after the process of getting pretty is complete, it needs to be documented.

Show off a body they’re proud of.
I may or may not be a size zero but I’m on FIYAH and sizzling hot! 

Somebody made me do it.
Truth be told some of us are camera shy. We don’t see our own beauty. Year after year, we promise ourselves that we will book a session after we lose weight, get our hair done, save up money….etc, etc, etc. Then you attend or plan a photographer-required event like your wedding……can’t avoid a photographer there. Perhaps, your lover, who is completely convinced of your sexiness, insists that you do a boudoir session.

To do something for themselves, finally.
One day, some of us will look up and realize that we ARE beautiful. Strikingly beautiful. Stretch marks and all. The kids will be grown. We won’t be a size zero. But we will finally have the courage to make the investment into good portraits.

I am convinced that every woman loves the camera. At the very least, every woman knows the value of having a very good photograph. If you don’t have a current very-good-photograph then it’s time to come up with a plan. Call your photographer and book a session. Commit yourself and start the planning.

Drop me a note, I will help you with the steps to get ready for your next photoshoot……..this year.  

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