I am the convergence of opposites, and I like it.  I love photography as much as I love math.....and I really LOVE math. I can change the oil in my car then put on a drop-em-dead dress, pretty lipstick and feel completely at ease. I am a tomboy and a girly, girl. I am in introvert and an extrovert. 

I tell stories and preserve memories so that you can smile over and over again.

My whole heart in human form.

They keep me smiling and a little crazy.

He keeps me sane.

....because life happens so fast. All the happy moments are worth re-living. 

.....because you'll never be this young again. (Neither will the kids). 

.....because when you're 70, you'll be happy, you invested in good photographs.

Celebrate your happiest days ......... 

Associate Photographer

Steve | Videographer

Chipo | Studio Manager

Angela | Graphic Designer

*Our family photos were beautifully captured by Hope Ballenger.

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