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Photography is an art. Every era has a trend which changes over time. Black and white photography has been a constant. Removing color forces you to embrace the emotion of the moment.

Timeless photography of people who love each other

Wedding day black and white images

Many people refer to black and white as “timeless.” When you take out the color of a photo, it takes your focus off of what the subject is wearing, the stylistic aspects of the photo, and brings attention to the emotion and the feel of a picture.

The laugh seems bigger, the smiles are more engaging. A person that is deep in thought seems even more reflective.

I love black and white photography so much that I secretly wish that someone would hire me to shoot a complete black and white wedding.

Black and white photography is all about playing with light, which is the first job of being a photographer. 

quote about black and white photography

Monochromatic photography of couples

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