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  1. I print because I’m happy.

    Do you still have a gramaphone? How about an A-track? Maybe a tape player? If you have one, do you use it? Here’s my point. Digital media changes. Everyday a newer and faster and sexier format comes out. If you doubt me, just try to pull up something on a…

  2. Print Your Pictures NOW!

    I love this album. LOVE it!  I’ve photographed this family 6 times since their wedding a few years ago and each and every time, they order an album or prints. Why? Because 30 years from now, being huddled around a computer is an unacceptable way to experience your memories.  This…

  3. Pretty Prints Gone to their homes

    I believe in the value of a printed image. Because of that, EVERY SINGLE session, wedding or portrait, gets printed products. This is my favorite part of the session. It’s at the very end. But every time the mail man comes in with prints, I get happy. I almost don’t…

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