I print because I’m happy.

Do you still have a gramaphone? How about an A-track? Maybe a tape player? If you have one, do you use it? 

Here’s my point. Digital media changes. Everyday a newer and faster and sexier format comes out. If you doubt me, just try to pull up something on a floppy disk. Or better yet, find a computer that still has a floppy drive.

Now, let’s do something else. Go find your parent’s wedding album. Or your high school yearbook.

You must admit with me that the printed photograph has maintained it’s sentimental and storytelling value even through the test of times.

So, I urge you, pull those pictures off your cell phone and facebook and your computer and get them printed. Or better yet, get an album.

Go, I beg, you. Print. Print beautiful photographs. If you don’t have beautiful photographs, get some….then purchase prints. The nicer the picture the bigger print.  You should have beautiful artwork in your home, on your walls, of you, of your family, of your happy times.

Photography is beautiful. It’s even better when it’s printed….and displayed

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