Jump! Life begins after the JUMP!

Black Gymnasts from Stonecrest Gymnastics

Are you ready to Jump? Or just a little scared. Maybe a lot scared. 

These beautiful, brown girls are amazingly talented. They inspired me more than I can express. 

My daughter is a gymnast. She’s at the beginner stage and was just promoted to the intermediate class (Yay for my baby). At the end of a session, the coaches invited the parents to join the class to try out some of the things that the kids were doing. Not one of us could do all the exercises. It gave us a new perspective on the intensity of gymnastics. 

I was invited to photograph the team. There are 34 strong and agile girls. The school, Stonecrest Gymnastics was recently featured on Undercover Boss with Gabby Douglas and these little ladies were excited. 

During the shoot, I was reminded, that I need to jump, literally and figuratively. A scared jump is better than no jump at all. Jumping feels good. A jump with a flip is even better. Being fearless is a part of the process. I’ll never go high without a jump. The harder I jump, the higher I’ll go. Jumps get better with practice. 

It reminds of this blog post from a few years ago.

“Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for His children.”

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works.”

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