Frequently Asked Questions for a Wedding Photographer

Q. Do you work alone or with a team?

A. Both. It depends on the needs of the couple. I have a team of photographers and videographers that are ready and willing to create and curate your wedding day.

Having a second photographer makes a difference in the way your day is captured. The second photographer and I work as a team. For example, 

 -one of us will be responsible for the wide shot and that other will get to close up.
 -one might be photographing the bride while the other might be with the groom.
 -while the formal photos are being captured, the second photographer might be capturing reception details or the cocktail hour.
 -during the bridal entrance, one photographer would capture the bride, the other would capture the reaction of your partner.
 -in the event of a wedding day emergency, the second photography would be equipped to continue shooting. (If you ask, I'll tell you a story of a time when my second photographer saved me)

 Both are equally important. 

Q. What if I don't want/need a second photographer?

A. No problem, I've captured many weddings alone. They are beautiful. We will work together to create a timeline that prioritizes the moments that you want captured. 

Q. Do you do videography?

A. Yes. I partner with a very talented videographer. He's brilliant at putting together the best and most important parts of your wedding story into a cinematic film that will have you weeping with joy. 

Q. Do you work with other videographers?

Yes, all the time; but Steve and I offer a discount when you book both of us.

Q. Will you travel? What are your travel fees?

Absolutely! I have a valid passport and love traveling. 

Travel fees vary depending on where and how far. There is no cost for travel within a hour or so from Atlanta. Longer travel may require a nights stay. Let's discuss any travel that includes flights and airports.

Q. Are Engagement sessions included?

It depends on your needs. Some packages include engagement sessions, some couples choose to have it as an additional session and some don't want an engagement session at all. 

An engagement session is a good way for us to get to know each other and the bonus is that you get beautiful images too. 

Q. Is an album included?

Albums are beautiful and can be purchased before or after the wedding or can be included in the wedding photography package. 

How do you want to experience your photos in 20 years? Huddled around a computer or curled up in front of a fireplace, turning the pages of your very own album?

Q. How do I book your services?

Let's confirm that we're a good fit. If your date is available and you're ready to lock in my services, a non-refundable retainer of $500 (less for elopements) will mean that I will not accept any conflicting appointments. If we're not already in touch, fill out the contact form and let's chat. I'll gladly send over an electronic contract and invoice. If you prefer, we can also meet in person or via web conference.

Q. How long does it take to receive my photos?

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for your photos to be ready and up to 90 days for your video to be fully edited. 

Q. What if you have an emergency on my wedding day?

I have plans in place for that. I have a network of photographers and will be ready to step in on your wedding day. They'll capture your images. I'll still do the editing and the final delivery and I'll be sure to let you know if that need every arises. 

In 8 years, that has only come close once -- I had to go to the ER on the morning of a wedding. The couple still doesn't know but my backup team was ready and willing to go. 

Q. How will my digital images be delivered?

Your digital images will be delivered in an online gallery. You may share that online gallery with anyone you choose. You'll also be able to download images to your mobile phone but I recommend that you download the fully gallery to your laptop/computer and store them in multiple places. 

Q. Why should I store my digital images in multiple places?

Technology fails and it changes over time. You wouldn't want your precious images to be subject to a crashed hard drive or a stolen laptop. Consider that just a few years ago CD's were the primary way to store files; now it's a USB drive; but in the 90's it also used to be a floppy disk. Be prepared to continue to upgrade your storage system over time, if you choose digital images as your primary way of storing your wedding day memories. 

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