Pretty Wedding Shoes are more than meets the eye

I wish I could wear tall, sexy heels again. But hard as it may be to accept, that is probably not going to happen.

That fact, however, is not going to stop me from walking in my own shoes. These are not shoes that anybody else wears. They are mine.You may think they’re cute, or not. But it doesn’t matter because they aren’t for you to wear them.

A few years ago, I started writing about ‘Walking In My Own Shoes.’ It’s not a literal shoe, nor is it literal walking. It is, however, a symbol of being authentic. 

If you have ever worn shoes that were too small and squeezed your feet, or shoes that were so big that you have to grip your toes on the inside to keep them from slipping off. If you’ve put on shoes that were waaaay too high and your feet ached from wearing them, then you know what I mean.

Walking in my own shoes is an affirmation about doing things that are good for me, regardless of the popular opinion. It’s about standing up for my own happiness and wearing my big girl britches in the process. It’s about being a woman and not a girl. It’s about acting with integrity for the things that matter to me even if they don’t matter to anyone else. It’s about being an adult, with a husband, children and responsibilities. It’s about doing what’s right for me….oh, I said that already. But you get the point……It’s about walking in my own shoes….literally, and figuratively.

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