3 MOST IMPORTANT things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer

You know what you get to keep after the wedding? Your husband and your pictures. The dress won’t fit after 6 weeks because that diet you went on before the wedding is now over. The $80/plate food is gone. The invitations are trashed. The people aren’t home. All you have are the pictures and the husband. You better enjoy both.

While choosing pretty napkins, a gorgeous dress, nice linen and pinterest-worthy centerpieces; choose a GREAT photographer. 

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing the person who will create your first family heirhoom.

You’ll spend hours with this person on one of the most remembered days of your life. She’ll be in your most intimate spaces and give you images that you’ll look at for years, decades, generations. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will re-live this day through their eyes. You have to connect with this person in a way that fosters trust and confidence.

Have you seen their work? Have you seen other weddings that they’ve done? Is your wedding at a dark location or at night? Can your photographer capture night images while still maintaining the mood of the venue.

I made this mistake with my own wedding. I hired a photographer that was great at portraits but didn’t have any wedding experience. There are many intricate things in preserving your day and creating this timeless keepsake. Hire someone with experience. I was a second shooter at many weddings before being a lead wedding photographer.

Choose the best photographer that your money can buy. Make it a priority. Stretch yourself a little bit, if necessary. It’s better to hire a great photographer for less hours than to get a novice for the whole day. It’s better to have fewer AWESOME images than lots of pictures that you’re not thrilled with.

First Family Heirloom
This is your first family heirloom. This is the beginning of your family. Whether you have an elaborate or an intimate wedding, this day should be captured beautifully. You’ll have many beautiful images throughout your life together but you’ll never be able to duplicate this day.

I love curating wedding stories. I am a historian. I love that for years and generations, your wedding day story will be told and re-told through my eyes. I love that I get to participate in the culmination of your love story. I have the privilege of curating the start of the next phase of your life. 

Please feel free to send me a note. I would love to answer any questions and hear more about your vision for your wedding day.

How to choose a great wedding photographer

Things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer

(Pru is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Atlanta area, but willing to travel to just about anywhere.)

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