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  1. Love is beautiful :: Stone Mountain Photographer

    I think love is incredible. To think that a man and woman meet, talk, bond and fall madly in love is just simply amazing. To find someone that makes your heart smile, that makes your heart skip a beat is pretty awesome. Everyone deserves to find a love like that.…

  2. Fun and Romantic Family Photo Session at Stone Mountain Park

    It was a beautiful evening. The light was just right, the weather was perfect. My friend of 20 years wanted a photo session with her lovely girls and her loving husband. The girls aren’t babies anymore, they’re brilliant and brave teenagers. They’re womanly and stately. My friend, the woman who…

  3. Enduring Love :: Still Standing

    Romantic love doesn’t have an age or an expiration date. It’s a choice…a choice to love with burning desire and to accept someone’s else’s sentiments of passion. Still standing is becoming a series of celebration. A celebration of marriage that has withstood time….1 year or 100 years or something in-between.I’ve…

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