Should I Print My Wedding Album

Do you still own a VCR? Or a cassette player? How about an iPod? Ask your parents or grandparents about an A-track, gramaphone, or a record player?

Let’s do something else. Go and get your high school yearbook or find your favorite picture of your parents. Can you find their wedding album? Did you find it on Facebook? Or was it on a CD, in a box, in the basement?

Here’s my point. Digital media changes.  Everyday a newer and faster and sexier format comes out but a printed photograph will never go out of style. It has maintained its sentimental and storytelling value even through months, years, decades and even centuries.

Your wedding day is special. You spend months pouring over the details, selecting the right colors, the perfect flowers, stressing over the dresses, tuxes, invitations and food. You’ve invited your closest friends and favorite family members. Most importantly, you’ve found an amazing person that you want to spend your life with. This is the one that your soul has longed for. Your wedding day is the moment you get to formally, tell the world that your heart is taken. This day is filled with smiles so broad that your cheeks hurt and tears of joy that will come when you least expect it. Your photographer will be there to capture it all.

Chateau Elan Elopement Wedding Album

Pages of a Wedding Album

Details in a Wedding Album

Wedding Album from an Elopement

Vineyard Elopement Chateau Elan

Black and White High Contrast photos from a wedding in an album

Closing page from an Album. Wedding Album

About a month or so after your wedding, you’ll get a gallery of wedding day images that will make you smile all over again. It should look like a pinterest inspiration board, but this time, it’s all of your dreams come to life in photos. But this is only the start of creating your first family heirloom. An album is the best way to curate your wedding day story. It’s the perfect way to spend anniversaries, flipping through the pages and smiling broadly, just like you did on your wedding day. It’s a beautiful ending to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, huddled by the fireplace with the grandchildren, telling stories, of how you met and fell in love. It’s the thing you to get to keep when your soulmate is gone. It’s the heirloom, that your children will want to keep when you’re gone. It’s priceless.

Callonwolde Mansion Wedding Album

Details inside an album from wedding at Callonwolde Mansion

Bride getting dressed at Callonwolde Mansion

Album Layout of getting dressed

Indoor Ceremony at Callonwolde Mansion

Fun Bridal Party Picture at Callonwolde

Unconventional Wedding Party Image for Large Wedding Party

Album Thickness

Bride and Groom intimate moment in garden photos

Back Cover photo of Album

Your wedding day memories are worth the investment in an album. Twenty years from now, you’ll be grateful.

Prudence is a wedding photographer. She takes beautiful photos and designs archival albums. She believes that your first family heirloom is worth it.

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