Senior Photography | Atlanta Photographer | Photos by Pru

I know I’m doing something right because this is the third member of this family that I’ve photographed. I’m honored that they trust me, over and over again, to preserve their milestones.

Miss K. is a graduating high school senior. This moment in her life is once-in-a-lifetime. She’s on the cusp of girlhood and womanhood. The world waits ahead with numerous possibilities. She can be anything she WANTS to be.

In the next 10 years her natural talent, a dose of hardwork and unrelenting passion will collide to create something meaningful. She’ll learn about herself and the world that awaits her. Some lessons will be wonderful and amazing and some will be designed to teach her something beautiful. She’ll survive it all and even thrive.

But this moment, this on-the-brinkness of high school and the real world will only happen once. Twenty years from now when she looks back at these images, she’ll remember how she felt - eager and anxious - and she’ll marvel at how she’s matured into her womanness.

Cheers to the Class of 2016!

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