Rustic, Romantic Wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Anna Rose and Joseph’s southern charm wedding was the cutest thing ever.  First of all, she’s Anna Rose. Not Anna. Not Rose. But Anna Rose. It’s such a dainty and properly southern name. I love it. Their Atlanta wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone, nestled in downtown Acworth was quaint, full of love, genuine hugs, baby’s breath bouquets and mason jars. 

Anna Rose and Joseph love God and each other, in that order. He spontaneously wept during their first look and could barely hold it together when he handed her the pretty blue box with her wedding gift that he’d carefully chosen. Right before she walked down the aisle, she took a few moments to embrace her mom, dad and sister. They sang, had family worship, held hands then prayed for a beautiful day and a wonderful, long marriage.  Anna Rose and Joseph started their married life together with wedding day communion. In the presence of their family and closest friends, they said, “I do,” pledged “Till death do us part,” exchanged rings and partook in the symbols of His broken body and spilled blood. 

The Conservatory at Waterstone has rustic brick walls and wrought iron railings. The outdoor ceremony space, and open dance floor are the perfect pairing for a southern charm wedding. The crisp December air was hardly noticeable because nothing says rustic,  southern like a morning wedding with a tasty brunch. Guests munched on grits, eggs and biscuits then warmed up with coffee and hot chocolate. This wedding brunch menu was all southern. 

And finally, the priceless printed album. 

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