Living in two worlds and loving it :: Photos by Pru

It was a pink satin dress with perfectly matching pink shoes and a matching pink, flowery hair piece. My hair was pressed and then pinned into an elaborate up-do. It was gorgeous. I was gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous. My older cousin was getting married and I was a bridesmaid…..a 13 year old bridesmaid. The only thing I remember about that day was the way I felt. I felt amazing! I am a girly girl…..always have been.

But there was more to me. I was in college when I got my first real fix. I’d dabbled before but I hadn’t gone all the way. But today was the day that I would make my Daddy proud. I was going to change the oil on my car…..and I loved it! I was addicted to grease under my finger nails. I am a tom boy.

I am a convergence of opposites…..and I like it!

I am not a mass produced  human. I am fully and completely complex. I like my hair straight and I like it curly. I like photography and taxes. I am quirky and funny, yet stern, rigid and opinionated. I am a girly girl and a tom boy. I am Pru.

Living in two worlds and loving it :: Photos by Pru

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