Lawrenceville Engagement Photographer | Carolyn and Peter | Photos by Pru

This Lawrenceville engagement session was one of the most romantic ever. Little touches of affection came naturally. Kisses were plentiful. They are totally in love.

They met at a party. He was jumping from the second story and doing, not so graceful gymnastics after a few beers. He was memorable. They were at a friends house, playing monopoly. He had a girlfriend. She had a boyfriend. She was cute and he remembered her.

The rest is history. 

He proposed during the eclipse.  He left work dressed in a suit and showed up at her job. Just before the eclipse, he dropped down on one knee, to ask her to marry him. She was after all the rarest, most beautiful thing that happened in his life and he wanted this to go on for the rest of his life. 

She is wearing a vintage family ring, that has history, much like their 8 years together. 

They plan to elope in Savannah, then have a big wedding in 2019.

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