How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Most people have never commissioned an artist to create a unique piece of work. That stuff is usually reserved for ‘other’ people. But when it comes to your wedding day, that’s exactly the job of your wedding photographer. This artist is there to create a body of work that curates the best memories from the day. 

There’s a lot of investment to get to that point; the dress, hair, nails, food, people, decor, flowers, all come together like a movie reel. The planner plays that role of movie director sending everybody to their places and calling ‘action’ at the right moments. The lead actors (bride and groom) have a mental script of the lines and the photographer’s job is to capture the emotions and energy of the day so that the happy couple can re-live the moment over and over again. 

It’s all a pretty BIG deal which makes it SUPER IMPORTANT to choose the right person to capture all the awesomeness as it unfolds. 

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer.

1. Love their work.

Every artist has a way of creating that is unique to him/her. You have to LOVE the way she sees the world and curates it. Look at their website. Follow along their social media. Ask for sample galleries. Meet up to see a few albums. Touch and feel the wall art. Love their work. This is all you’ll have after the wedding. 

2. Love the person

It’s rare that you’ll have a stranger in your personal space for such long periods of time with unfiltered access. Love the person, or at least like them. Make sure that you vibe and that you trust that they can do what they claim to do.

3. Must be in your budget.

Budgets matter. No need to pretend that they don’t, they do. Money doesn’t grow on trees and exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Budgets matter. After #1 and #2 are met, ask for pricing information. It’s better to have a great photographer for a couple hours, than a novice for a whole day. Stretch yourself a little if necessary. Ask about payment plans. If your wedding is planned months in advance, you have the option of preparing for the big expense.

4. Look at printed samples.

A seasoned pro will have printed samples of their work. It seems simple, somewhat unnecessary and perhaps over the top but there’s a deeper reason. Prints matter. If technology fails or changes, you’ll want to have printed copies of your artwork. A seasoned pro will have samples to show beautifully created pieces that will demonstrate the potential options for your final curated wedding day story. 

Most people, if they’re lucky, get one chance for a wedding day. Curate it. Get the best photographer that your money can buy. It’s an investment that you’ll never regret. Most married people wish they’d spent more on photography.

If you’d like to talk with Pru about wedding photography, please feel free to reach out. Prudence is based in Atlanta, but will travel locally and internationally.

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