Girl Dad | Inspired by Kobe and Gianna Bryant

I love girl dad’s! I’m in love with a girl dad! There’s a soft, nurturing manliness about men that have girls. Kobe Bryant’s death has inspired a movement. Men were already doing the work of quietly loving and raising their daughters. I read somewhere that his body was found hugging his daughter Gianna Bryant and truly, I’m not even surprised. It’s what good dads do. They protect. They also do crazy, silly and sometimes dangerous things but most of all they bring stability, joy, and happiness to the little and not-so-little ladies in their care. 

I’m obsessed with girl dad photos and had a hard time narrowing down to under 10. So here’s to some of my favorite girl dad photos. Thanks, Kobe and Gianna for reminding us to love deeply, live intentionally, to do it now and do it well. #girldad

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