Emotional Church Wedding in Atlanta | Photos by Pru

Bright yellow roses and sunflowers.

I know her cheeks hurt the next day. Daphne was a glowing bride. Her smile was contagious. I should have known that this church wedding was going to be deeply spiritual, deeply emotional and a very happy occasion. The entire church showed up – with gifts, or envelopes (with blessings). The church ladies wore their fancy hats. The bride had a yellow rose and daisy bouquet. The bridesmaids (her bestie and sisters) had sunflowers and dried lotus pods wrapped with a dark brown twine. Her dress was a delicate lace. His gray suit, white shirt and matching white tie was very formal and fancy. 

In the hours before the ceremony, the church was serene and peaceful. She got dressed downstairs. Her favorite people, who had cared for her through the years, were all there to be sure that she was perfectly poised. 

It was important, and deeply significant to Daphne, that BOTH of her parents walked her down the aisle. She loved them both and even though they had been divorced for many years, their love for her compelled them to walk their baby girl down the aisle to marry her prince charming. Pastor Kimbrough, with all his spiritual authority, performed the wedding ceremony and 30 minutes later, they were officially Mr. and Mrs. 

After lots of hugs and smiles, congrats, cake and the zeta dance, the happy couple went out for a picnic. It was super cute and the perfect way for them to end their wedding day. It was such a sweet surprise to see a rainbow. There wasn’t even any rain, before or after, just a rainbow enshrouding them, as if God was reminding them of His promise.

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