Downtown Stone Mountain Wedding | Photos by Pru

The Wells Brown House is nestled downtown Stone Mountain. It is a vintage house turned wedding venue. Mechel and David have a deep history in Stone Mountain and made intentional choices to keep their wedding local. David got dressed at The Stillwell House. Mechel got dressed at Wells Brown House. Their ceremony at Stone Mountain United Methodist was filled tears of joy. It was all within walking distance. 

David and Mechel brought their closest friends and family together for a beautiful wedding that felt more like a family reunion. Everyone had an amazing time. The adults ate, chatted, danced and had ‘grown up juice’ while the kids made swords & spears from tree branches and played Lord of the Rings. It was beautiful. It was heartwarming, like the warm and perfect 70 degree weather in the middle of February. 

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Want to see the couple’s sneak peek? Click Here.

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