3 steps to better Facebook pictures

A friend and top-notch videographer vented on his facebook status about blurry, out-of-focus pictures on facebook. He only wants people to be more selective about posting crappy pictures. I could feel his pain. I hate when people post crappy pictures. So, here are some keys to posting better pictures on facebook. 

Only post pictures that are IN FOCUS – If it’s blurry or out-of-focus…..don’t post it. The moment is just never that important. No matter how good looking you think you are, the fact that the picture is out of focus will negate your good looks. Don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as artistic blur…..but even a fool knows when a picture is artistic or just a bad shot…..and everybody gets bad shots. 

Only post FLATTERING pictures – It’s just plain wrong to post pictures of yourself or your friends that are unflattering. Follow the “Do unto others” rule. 

Follow the LIGHT. My mentor always says, “Photography is simply painting with light.” Take pictures in good light. A huge hint is to face the good light. If you’re taking pictures near a window, face the window.

*Pretty picture of my fabulous kids on a vacation 3 years ago. These two have ALL of my heart.

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