Covid-19 Atlanta Wedding

Elopements and Microweddings have always been a thing, but they were mostly private. But since the pandemic, these private weddings are now the new norm. I have a feeling that this will stick around for a while. Big, traditional weddings are fun and extravagant. They will come back but intimate weddings are so beautiful and romantic, that more people will see the beauty in having private vows.

A few weeks ago, I captured my first Covid-19 wedding at Pristine Chapel in Jonesboro, GA. Shalonda was a beautiful and excited bride. John was cool and calm and smiled broadly as his queen walked down the aisle to meet him. The guests wore masks, socially distanced but were all clearly excited for the couple. The best part about microweddings is that the people that attend are super important to the couple. Covid-19 weddings are intimate and personal. 

As a photographer, they took my temperature (and the temperature of all the guests) as we arrived. Everyone was offered a mask and/or gloves and there was lots of hand sanitizer everywhere.  Of course, immediate family members interacted with each other normally, without barriers.

Here are my favorite photos of the day. 

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