Branding Session | Photos by Pru

Branding sessions excite me. I love meeting with amazing entrepreneurs that are daring to express their creativity and gift the world with their (sometimes hidden) talents. I know exactly what it takes to bravely create something and present it to the world. There’s a panic-stricken moment where you question if you’re ‘good enough.’ Sometimes you push through and sometimes you scrap the whole idea because it’s not ‘perfect.’ Entrepreneurs, especially creative entrepreneurs are our worst critic.  

I love branding sessions, because I get to chat, hangout and photograph people like me who can relate to working through self doubt and pushing past our fears. 

Tammy of The Natty Needle is one amazing human. She creates these luxurious clutches that are just delightful. They are all custom made. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. You’ll have to wait for the next season to get the new release. 

On May 5th she’s (re)launching in Atlanta. The party is going to be an epic gathering of awesomely supportive minds. You’ll get to meet Tammy, hang with her and purchase clutches. Get your tickets here: Natty Needle Tickets.  

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