Pretty Black and White Wedding Photos | Atlanta and Savannah Wedding Photographer

I love black and white photos. I just do. Here are some photos and little stories behind the image. 

These two are so amazing that they agreed to host a wedding in their home. I went upstairs to get some ‘birds eye view’ photos. As I looked down, I realized that in the midst of the vows, they were having their very own love moment. They reminded me that love is beautiful and marriage is wonderful.

These two lovebirds remind me that marriage is about romance AND friendship, it’s in glue in the mix. 

They got married at the W midtown it was beautiful and romantic. But I was really surprised that she found me from purple shoes that I posted on Pinterest. Her son, walked her down the aisle and I love that special moment. The two of them, were becoming the 4 of them and as of 2018, it’s now the 6 of them. Life is magical. There’s still romance and friendship in their marriage. 

Ebony and Ivory, living in perfect harmony. Seriously, these two are amazing. I love how they love each other. He had a health scare recently and I’m so glad that he’s still here. Plus, let’s be honest, you have to be a pretty out of the box bride to wear a stunning black dress on your wedding day.  

She was ready to leave for the ceremony but he wanted his queen to enter in style. So, as a surprise from her soon-to-be hubby, she was picked up in this horse and carriage. It was an amazing way to enter their wedding at Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA. 

I should have known that the reception would be ‘lit’ when they entered the reception like this. But the most EPIC of thing of all was the garter exchange. The groom pranked his own brother and it was THE ULTIMATE wedding day prank.

Wedding are all about romantic love. It’s about escaping to each other, even while everyone is watching. It’s beautiful and I love capturing all the happy moments, in color, or in black and white.

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