Birthday Photo Shoot | Atlanta Photographer | Photos by Pru

This photo shoot was planned 3 years ago. She knew that when she turned 75, she would celebrate for the entire year; a day wasn’t enough. The year would include trips around the world; lots of time with her favorite people and a photoshoot that would be remembered for years and decades to come. 

She’s lively, full of spunk and has a youthfulness that is refreshing. She makes growing ‘older’ seem really exciting. We hung out for hours, changed outfits a few times, got all made up. Kudos to Keya DeLarge who created her look. Keya is a celebrity makeup artist that has been published many times over. Ms. Rachel wanted a natural look, with lashes, because lashes make everything better. 

Rachel loved her look, loved her photos, loved her album and loved the experience. I am grateful for my time with her. 

Birthday photos are awesome. Pru loves capturing them. Reach out to schedule something special for your day. Birthday photos are important, not for today, but for 20 years from now, when you’re older and wiser.

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