I am Pru

I tell stories and preserve memories so that you can smile over and over again. My camera is my tool, your life is my canvas. I am a photographer.

I am....

....a mom, wife, friend, sister, fellow human being.

About Pru

I believe that every woman should have an MVP (most valuable picture) and she should be in it. 

I love photography as much as I love math.....and I really LOVE math. I can change the oil in my car then put on a drop-em-dead dress, pretty lipstick and feel completely at ease. I am a tomboy and a girly, girl. I am the convergence of opposites, and I like it.

My favorite things

  • Snuggling up with my college sweetheart, who's had my heart for almost 20 years.
  • Doing school projects. Yup, I love my kids school projects.....a lot. I am a nerd and I'm proud.
  •  I love a good magazine with great pictures and thought provoking articles.
  • Drinking anything from a wine glass....except wine. (I don't drink) .... LOL!
  • Hanging with the friends who keep me laughing or bonding with the friends who've been there through thick and thin.

You are imperfect, permanently.

You are inevitably flawed. 

But, you are beautiful!

-author unknown

More About Pru

My quickest confidence booster is ......  quiet time. If I sit still for a while, preferably with a good magazine, I'll gain perspective and get my brain in order.

The biggest risk I've ever taken is ...... having children. Being completely responsible for another human being's development is no small matter......and I did it twice.

If I had no fear, I'd ...... pack up my family (and my camera) and move to a non-english speaking country.

Drop a note. I'd love to make your photography dreams come true. 

P. 404.954.0095
E: pru@photosbypru.com

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