1. Firstlook vs Traditional : Which is better?

    Date 24 Mar 2017
    There is something beautiful about seeing your bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle knowing that at the end of the walk you’ll pledge ‘till death do us part.’ You’ll enter the church separately as Ms. and Mr. and you’ll leave as Mr. & Mrs. The…

  2. What to wear to a family photoshoot :: Lithonia Photographer

    Date 21 Mar 2017
    I know the feeling. You’ve made up your mind to do a family photo session. You’ve selected the photographer — maybe it’s me. :) But now you have to dress everyone….and since you’re emotionally and financially invested…. you want to look like a really super awesome crew. You could wear jeans and…

  3. Love is beautiful :: Stone Mountain Photographer

    Date 17 Mar 2017
    I think love is incredible. To think that a man and woman meet, talk, bond and fall madly in love is just simply amazing. To find someone that makes your heart smile, that makes your heart skip a beat is pretty awesome. Everyone deserves to find a love like that.…

  4. Fun and Romantic Family Photo Session at Stone Mountain Park

    Date 14 Mar 2017
    It was a beautiful evening. The light was just right, the weather was perfect. My friend of 20 years wanted a photo session with her lovely girls and her loving husband. The girls aren’t babies anymore, they’re brilliant and brave teenagers. They’re womanly and stately. My friend, the woman who…

  5. Gwinnett County Maternity :: Beautiful Family :: And then there were 4

    Date 10 Mar 2017
    It’s pretty awesome to have your family go from two to three and then to four, five even six. This beautiful family is getting ready grow. The baby girl will become the big sister. It’s bound to be an awesome time in their lives.This sweet little moment on a beautiful…

  6. Atlanta Couples Photographer :: Still Standing

    Date 07 Mar 2017
    I’ve always believed in love, romantic love to be specific. We all love our children, mom, dad, cousins, friends, etc. But most, if not all, of us desire to be in a beautiful, long term, deeply vulnerable, romantic relationship. Generally, we are great about documenting the early stages of the…

  7. Enduring Love :: Still Standing

    Date 03 Mar 2017
    Romantic love doesn’t have an age or an expiration date. It’s a choice…a choice to love with burning desire and to accept someone’s else’s sentiments of passion. Still standing is becoming a series of celebration. A celebration of marriage that has withstood time….1 year or 100 years or something in-between.I’ve…

  8. Buckhead Intercontinenal :: Mini Engagement Session :: Photos by Pru

    Date 28 Feb 2017
    When you meet someone who accepts you -flaws and all-, your heart should skip a beat, you should smile broadly and you should tell them, withholding nothing. Love deserves a full acknowledgement. It’s the ultimate vulnerability. It’s sometimes hard to find, but always worth the journey.She was having a beautiful…

  9. Print Your Pictures NOW!

    Date 28 Jan 2017
    I love this album. LOVE it!  I’ve photographed this family 6 times since their wedding a few years ago and each and every time, they order an album or prints. Why? Because 30 years from now, being huddled around a computer is an unacceptable way to experience your memories.  This…

  10. How To Be Successful

    Date 02 Jan 2017
    It’s the best kept secret or it’s not a secret at all.  How to be successfull….Be You. Shine brightly. Don’t be afraid to let other’s see your shine. Stop wondering ‘what if’ and just do it. You’ll fail. But ‘failure’ is only defined by someone else’s standard. Failing actually means…

  11. Romantic New Years Eve Wedding at Emory Conference Center | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

    Date 01 Jan 2017
    Jessica and Laurence are deeply in love. That fact, is undeniable.  They joined ‘forever and for always’ in an intimate, romantic, New Years Eve, wedding ceremony at the Emory Conference Center. Mr. and Mrs. Womack will start the year at husband and wife. Congratulations to the new couple.

  12. Atlanta Headshots | Confidence Builder | Photos by Pru

    Date 30 Dec 2016
    Three words: Positive, Loving Kind. Inspirational Speaker. Life Empowerment Coach. Author. Woman of EXTRAORDINARY Faith. Watch out world she’s coming She’s the kind of woman that sows seeds in people. One meeting with her and you’re guaranteed to walk away with something to think about. She’s awesome. Find her on…

  13. Snellville Senior Photographer | Baby When it’s Cold Outside

    Date 14 Dec 2016
    Morgan wasn’t your typical high school graduate. She wanted to go to her favorite place and do her favorite things. We choose a cute coffee shop, Alcove CoffeeHouse and even had a cute barissta who treated her like royalty. It was giggles and fun.  Morgan is now a college sophomore;…

  14. McDaniel Farm Park Generations Photography Session

    Date 14 Dec 2016
    They’re tied together by DNA – three people - two moms and two daughters. But it’s not bloodlines that keep them bonded; it’s LOVE. Some moments require more than a selfie.  I absolutely know that they will love these images now; and 20 years from now.  Generational images are PRICELESS!  Book your session…

  15. Stone Mountain Engagement Photographer | Casual Romantic Engagement Session | Photos By Pru

    Date 03 Nov 2016
    They met in a park. Their first date was in a park. He proposed at the top of a mountain at the end of a hike. So naturally their engagement session would be in a park. We met at Stone Mountain Park and spent an evening together capturing loving, romantic images…

  16. Lithonia Family Photo Session | Photos by Pru

    Date 23 Sep 2016
    It was her first birthday and they wanted to celebrate in a special way. She makes their hearts go pitter patter and it’s the best thing that could have happened.  They were headed off to Texas but stopped in Lithonia for this special family photo session. I loved their connection…

  17. Old Fourth Ward Engagement Session | Photos By Pru

    Date 23 Sep 2016
    These two lovebirds are now married. Congrats. May you live Happily Ever After. Their engagement session at the Old Fourth Ward Park downtown Atlanta was romantic and fun. Keep watching the blog for a sneak peek of their wedding day.

  18. Lithonia Family Photographer | Family is forever

    Date 16 Sep 2016
    You only get one set of people that share your DNA. They can’t be replaced, can’t be duplicated. They’re your clan - your group of people that you get to share a side of you that will grow and change and will always be loved. This family is very special to…

  19. Something Old, Something Borrowed

    Date 22 Jul 2016
    I admire wedding rings. It doesn’t matter the size, shape or style. I love the symbolism of showing the world that you’re claimed. I wear mine proudly.These beautiful wedding rings and brooch were photographed on top of a log at an elopement at The Chateau Elan Winery and Resort in Braselton, Georgia.The rings are theirs forever. Even if…

  20. Pretty Prints Gone to their homes

    Date 22 Jul 2016
    I believe in the value of a printed image. Because of that, EVERY SINGLE session, wedding or portrait, gets printed products. This is my favorite part of the session. It’s at the very end. But every time the mail man comes in with prints, I get happy. I almost don’t…

  21. Dreamy and Romantic Atlanta Maternity Session

    Date 22 Jul 2016
    I’m so honored when wedding couples come back for their maternity session. These two are so in love with each other. I know that the baby will be loved to the moon and back. We set out to their favorite location downtown for some dreamy, romantic maternity images. They were fully engaged and…

  22. The Beauty of Black and White Photography | Atlanta Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Photos by Pru

    Date 18 Jun 2016
    Photography is an art. Every era has a trend which changes over time. Black and white photography has been a constant. Removing color forces you to embrace the emotion of the moment. Timeless photography of people who love each other Wedding day black and white images Many people refer to…

  23. Behind the Scenes Editing

    Date 20 May 2016
    Have you ever wondered what happens when your images come home? Every image get’s the royal treatment on my computer. First I weed out the ones that are blurry, unflattering or not properly lit. This process is called culling. Then, I grab a cup of water, put on some fun…

  24. Senior Photography | Atlanta Photographer | Photos by Pru

    Date 13 May 2016
    I know I’m doing something right because this is the third member of this family that I’ve photographed. I’m honored that they trust me, over and over again, to preserve their milestones Miss K. is a graduating high school senior. This moment in her life is once-in-a-lifetime. She’s on the…

  25. Make time to have beautiful photographs WITH your family

    Date 13 May 2016
    Photography is my heart. I believe that every woman should have a photograph WITH her family My heart is always full to capacity with gratitude and joy when I’m honored to create family heirlooms.  My heart bubbles over especially when grandparents are involved. They are just excited to have images WITH their children…

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